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Vardy Community Historical Society at a Glance

For hundreds of years, the Vardy Valley in Sneedville, Tennessee has been home to a mysterious group of people called Melungeon. At the Vardy Historical Church and Museum you will learn who they are. You can tour the Mahala Mullins "Aunt Haley" cabin and hear the story of her days as the most wanted moonshiner in Hancock, County. Aunt Haley was said to be "Ketchable, but not fetchable", because of her large size. Aunt Haley is one of many Melungeons you will learn about at the Vardy Museum. You will also see how modest the Melungeons lived and hear the intriguing stories of this mysterious group.


Tour the "Aunt Haley" and John Mullins Cabin

Mahala (Collins) Mullins (1824-1898) is considered to be the most famous Melungeon. Mahala aka "Aunt Haley" and her husband John Mullins lived on top of the ridge in this cabin. They raised several children and Mahala was once the most wanted moonshiner in Hancock county Tennessee. She was said to be a large woman who evaded arrest because she was too big for the sheriff to get her out of her cabin. She was a bootlegger of her "Pear Brandy"in spite of liquor sales being illegal. She openly said that it was not wrong for her to make a living in that manner. Aunt Haley's log cabin now sits across from the Vardy Church and Museum and remains completely furnished just as Aunt Haley left it.


Contact Vardy Community Historical Society

Closed for repairs.

3845 Vardy-Black Water, Sneedville, TN 37869, USA

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